Barmah Hats
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We carry a wide range of Barmah and Kooringal high quality hats for men and women

Whether you are going out to dinner, to the beach, out for a hike, or need UV protection while gardening, we have a broad selection of high quality hats available.

Many fashionable styles to choose from for every personality and look you are going for. Available in natural straw, nylon, cotton, polyester, hand woven straw, cowhide, canvas, and kangaroo leather.

Barmah Hats are built through innovative design and the toughest outdoor headwear. They are crafted using the finest material which makes them very sturdy and durable. A small amount of care will give your Barmah Hat many years of service.

Kooringal Hats are for adventure seekers, wanderers, weekend warriors, and intrepid travellers. The campers spending their nights under the stars and the daydreamers soaking up the summer sun. Wherever life takes you, there is a Kooringal hat ready to take you there!


Barmah and Kooringal Hats

Features on why to buy one of our High Quality Hats:

Packable Barmah Hats

Known as the “Squashy Hat”, you can fold it up and put it in a travel bag (included). They are super light and durable made from kangaroo leather which is the strongest leather for its weight.

Lightweight & Breathable

Made from feather-light materials with vented points for breathability, you’ll forget you even have something on your head.

Excellent Ultra Violet Protection

Protects your head and exposed skin up to 50+ UPF (Ultra Violet Factor).

From Australia

Who else would know about UV protection than those living in the extreme heat conditions on the continent of Australia! Both Barmah and Kooringal hats come from Australia and have been tested and true to give you the ultimate protection from harmful UV exposure.
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